public authoritiesBusiness plan – a document required by the investors (banks, owners, public authorities, etc.) or managers to make the decision to start investing and implementation of projects under consideration. Thus, the business plan must disclose all relevant stakeholders of the project.

Develop a business plan can be time-consuming and involve a variety of specialists (consultants, financiers, technical experts, lawyers, etc.). The organization of the joint work of the working group should be directed to rapid and efficient solution of the tasks set by the client.

We provide a wide range of services in the field of investment planning: preparation of feasibility studies and business plans of investment projects, detailed appraisal and rapid assessment of investment projects, optimization of the scheme of financing of the project, development of recommendations on the promotion and implementation of the project.

Our advantages:

A full range of services from expertise to the project to conduct market research and support the implementation of the project

Long-term relationships with investors and lending institutions

Ten years of experience developing business plans

Development of business plans in the international formats (UNIDO) taking into account Russian specifics

Working with industry experts and analysts in various fields

Our consultants are ready to assist companies and organizations in the field of business planning. In addition, we are ready to help the investors in evaluation and impact assessment of proposed projects.

The work on preparation of the investment project involves three basic steps:

Expert report preparation

Development of the business plan of the investment project

Presenting the project to potential investors

We can implement all these steps are fully or connect to the project only in those matters that require the assistance of external consultants.

Depending on the tasks facing the customer, the work associated with the preparation of the business plan, can vary between 2-day Express-evaluation of the business plan to develop a strategic business plan, during which the consultants together with the specialists of the customer work from scratch all aspects of the management of the investment project, from conducting market research and preparation of sales forecast to the analysis of equipment suppliers.

Following a full scheme of work on preparation of investment project for presentation to investors.

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Step 1. Expert report preparation

Task: preparation of the expert report on the financial viability and economic efficiency of the project, creating a financial and economic model.

Work content:

Assessment of the completeness and reliability source data project

Analysis of project risks

The calculations required to evaluate the financial viability and economic efficiency of the project

The result:

Expert opinion, including the following topics:

– Description of the objectives and interests of project participants;

– Assessment of the feasibility of the project;

– Assessing the financial viability of the project, including assessment of the overall needs of the project financing;

– Assessment of economic efficiency of the project from the point of view of the owner and operator of the project;

– Defining the boundaries to change the basic parameters under which the project provides an acceptable level of profitability and financial viability.

Financial model of the project

The list of missing documents and materials

Recommendations for changing the concept of the investment project

Consultants accompany the work of specialists on the preparation of initial data, necessary to establish its commercial viability and development of a business plan. The decision of the individual tasks for the collection of baseline information may be made by the consultants themselves. In particular, it is possible:

marketing research: the justification for the possible sales volume and competitiveness assessment of the project

a substantiation of the current costs of the project

a substantiation of the investment costs of the project, including costs for the creation of non-current assets and the need for working capital financing

The result of this work is correctly prepared and reliable information, which will be used by the company in the preparation of the business plan.

Step 2. Development of the business plan of the investment project

Task: assessment of feasibility and commercial viability of the project in the form of a document, corresponding to the goals of the customer, Russian and international standards, as well as prevailing business practices.

The main objective of the paper is to attract investors. The information presented in the investment Memorandum, allows the investor to get an idea about the company and the proposed project, to compare their economic principles, corporate culture and doing business with the state of Affairs in the company. If necessary, the document can be prepared both in Russian and in English.

Work content:

Conducting the necessary market research (consumers, suppliers of equipment and resources)

Analysis of the current state of existing enterprise

The calculations necessary to justify the financial viability and economic efficiency of the project

The choice of the optimal sequence of implementation of the project

In case of realization of the project on the existing company assesses the effectiveness of the project using the “gain” and assessment of financial viability by overlay project on the activities of the company

The result:

Marketing research and advice on market strategy of the company

Recommendations on the choice of equipment suppliers

Recommendations for choosing the optimal legal form

Recommendations for choosing the optimal organizational structure of the company

The business plan includes the following main sections:

– Summary: General information about the project (objectives, project participants and project status at the time of execution of feasibility), description of benefits and evidence of the feasibility of the project;

– The reputation of the initiator of the project: assessment of the current state and prospects of existing businesses, credit history, experience in the industry;

– Marketing aspects of the project:

General characteristics of the industry and the forecast of development

product features of the project

description of capacity and market structure, the expected proportion


the main consumers

characteristics of the sales strategy (sales systems, methods of promotion, pricing)

– Production technology:

technological scheme of production

justification of the choice of suppliers of technology and equipment, contractors

the need for resources

– Organizational plan

– Schedule of organizational events and financial transactions during the investment period of the project;

– The financial plan of the project:

– Methods of evaluating the feasibility of the project;

– A description of the terms of payment;

– Assessing the financial viability of the project;

– Evaluation of the creditworthiness of the project;

– Detailed evaluation of the economic efficiency of the project from the point of view of the operator of the project. The assessment includes the calculation and interpretation of indicators:

simple and discounted payback period

net present value of the project;



the maximum rate of interest on debt financing sources

– Sensitivity analysis. Delineation of the changes in the basic parameters under which the project provides an acceptable level of profitability and financial soundness;

– Risk analysis of the project and measures to prevent them;

– Conclusions

The sections in this list ask only the basic and most common questions raised in the business plan. The format and content of this document differ significantly depending on the nature of the project and the client’s goals. The documents submitted to the Bank is similar to a business plan for a venture Fund, attracting foreign investors requires disclosure that differ from the materials provided to group executives. Significant impact on the requirements has a branch which is part of the project. We are familiar with all the intricacies in this field will offer You just such a structure material that best corresponds to the analyzed project.

After the completion of the business plan the project is designed to familiarize potential investors. At this stage the client can use our services to support projects.