project ’s Business centersThe aim of the project ’s Business centers” is the formation of the modern office market, appropriate to the level and requirements of the international standards required to perform Yekaterinburg functions of the international center of business communications.

As told to Maxim Afanasyev, today on the territory of the Ural capital operates more than 30 thousand large and small enterprises, 23 consular offices, about 300 representative offices of foreign companies, the functioning of which requires the city quality office space.

Between 2006 and 2011 were commissioned 39 business centres with a total area of 516,7 thousand square meters, including 10 objects of class “A” and 29 objects of class “In”. Today in Ekaterinburg there are 69 business centers with a total area of 791 thousand square meters.

One of the main trends of the next stage of market development will be the expansion of areas of business activity. In the framework of the strategic project until 2020 envisages the construction of 26 business centers with a total area 927,7 thousand square meters. Most large-scale projects are business quarter “Yekaterinburg-city” and a multifunctional complex “Guardians of the Urals”. The total area of these objects will be 409,7 thousand square meters. In addition, the plans of the municipality for the near future – the reconstruction of three business centers.

Thus, in 2020 in the territory of the Ural capital will be located 91 business center, including 11 objects of class “A”, 11 objects of class “B+”, 58 objects of class “In” and 11 objects of class “C”. The total area of the business centres will reach 1 646,9 thousand square meters.