Students TII wrote the best business plans22 students of a branch of TSOGU in the city of Tobolsk were participants short-term educational course “to start a business-2012″.

After training, the participants prepared the best business plans, had internships at the enterprises of the Tyumen region and abroad. Among the winners Emilia Dubovskaya (gr. The IGS-10), and Zakina Sokolova (gr. MB – 11).

The course organisers – gaou SPO “Tyumen College of water transport”, by order of the government of Tyumen region Department of investment policy and state support of entrepreneurship, noted good preparation of students Tobolsk branch of TSOGU and excellent business projects that have developed and defended by the students of the University.

Note that the training course was held in cities such as Tyumen, Tobolsk, Ishim, Yalutorovsk, Zavodoukovsk. It was held with the aim of developing entrepreneurial literacy, entrepreneurial competencies, acquiring skills in writing a business plan, entrepreneurial thinking, transfer of basic knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, law, business Economics and management necessary for the successful opening and running a small business in Russia.

The course had the following directions:

• hospitality industry (catering, production of Souvenirs);

• manufacturing, including wood processing, polymer processing,

• production of construction materials;

• light industry, food industry;

• construction services;

• services to the population and legal entities;

• agriculture;

• tourist activities (areas of study: hotels, sanatorium-recreational enterprises, travel agencies)

We congratulate the winners of the branch and we wish them further success and new creative business projects.

The material was prepared by Rommie of Kermetcieva