politician and businessmanIn the Volgograd region of former politician and businessman Nikolai Volkoff will be judged again. He is accused of fraud in especially large size in connection with bad debts amounting to more than 221 million rubles to one of commercial banks. The Nikolai Volkov, who have already been convicted to 14 years of penal colony for pedophilia, pleaded not guilty, but a new case is already directed to court.

According to the preliminary investigation, which led GSU GU the Ministry of internal Affairs, based on the case — the manipulation of a former businessman around two outstanding loans totaling 221,390 in mln Loans undertook an affiliate of the company ’s IAC-Alliance” in 2006 and 2007, as guarantors, pledges were controlled by the same companies and individuals. In 2008, Nikolai Volkov promised to repay the loan with future harvest of sunflower. Believe him, CJSC “Sotheby’s” law firm, which the creditor Bank sold a loans) entered into with companies of mister Volkova settlement agreements. The company, therefore, have been released from arrest, under which they have been subjected in connection with the recovery of the debt, but the debt was never returned. Nikolai Volkov said “Sotheby’s” that 2008 was a lean, sunflower dead. Although the investigation established that in reality, the agricultural harvest was available.

This story became the basis for initiation at the end of November last year, a criminal case under part 4 of article 259 of the criminal code. In law enforcement bodies did not specify why the case was filed three years after the Commission of the crime. Failed yesterday to contact the representatives of “Sotheby’s”.

Nikolai Volkov refused to give evidence to the investigation. As reported in the press service of the police cupola, the investigation has been completed. Yesterday in Traktorozavodsky district of Volgograd, where he received the case, said that the first hearing will be held on January 25.

Nikolai Volkov — a former Deputy of the Volgograd regional Duma, in 2004 he ran for the post of head of administration of area: received 38% of votes and took second place after the then-Governor Nikolai Maksyuta. Consisted of three parts: “the Union of right forces”, «United Russia», «just Russia». From the latter tried to pass in 2007 in the state Duma. The career of Mr. Volkov rolled in March 2010, when the regional SU TFR, on materials UFSB, opened a criminal case on charges of sexual crimes against minors. In early November of last year, Nikolai Volkov was found guilty of 19 episodes of sexual crimes against minors, the escape and the use of false documents. He was convicted on a total of 14 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

In a press-service of the regional police announced the details of the preliminary investigation. Nikolai Volkov, investigators believe, being the Deputy of the Volgograd regional Duma, actually led several companies belonging to the group of companies «the World of technology” LLC “IDC-Alliance” LTD. “the World of technology 2000″, LTD. “MT-agro” LTD. “Volga-Concrete” and the three-firm — “agro-Danilovka”, “agro-Nechaeva”, “agro-Uryupinsk”).

In March of 2006 was signed a loan agreement for 211,390 million rubles between a commercial Bank LTD. ‘ERM-Alliance”, which was led by the brother of Nikolai Volkov Sergey Volkov. The key were shares of JSC «the Volgograd engine-building factory”, goods LLC «the World of technology 2000″ and personal guarantee by Nikolai Volkov. After another year and a half, in December 2007, “ERM-Alliance” took out a Bank loan for 10 million rubles Guarantors are, in particular, Nikolai Volkov, several of its controlled companies, including JSC «the Volgograd engine-building factory”, in pledge — equipment of affiliates of the companies he.

Later, when the Bank failed to repay the loans by the courts on the property of the guarantors and mortgaged property were seized. However, due to fraudulent, according to investigators, the scheme debt was never repaid, and the company was released from arrest. It is worth noting that the Volgograd engine-building factory, the assets of which appear in the loan transactions as surety or bail, soon after the conclusion of loan agreements in December 2008, was bankrupt, and shortly before that, according to the investment agreement, his property, in fact, been withdrawn in the interests of others.

To contact representatives by Nikolai Volkov yesterday failed. But we know that his guilt is not admitted, and to testify to the investigators refused. “Turning the dispute into a criminal plane, lenders create for themselves the opportunity to challenge the transaction for disposal of assets to get money. If at trial it is proved that creditors were harmed by his actions and his partners, it will be possible to collect debts then in the manner of civil claims”, ” said General Director of Volga region Directorate of legal firm VEGAS LEX Alexander Vasovic.