Northern Ural unemployed business plans and are going to become entrepreneursThis year 15 of Severouralsk registered in the employment center, expressed a desire to start their own business. 13 business plans have already been reviewed and approved by our specialists.

Here the unemployed will help to start their own business. Photo: Alla Broslavskiy

As reported by the lead inspector-economist employment center Olga Vasilyeva, one of the future entrepreneurs decided to organize a peasant farm in the village of Kalia, the other — do sewing as well, the third is to do a Wellness massage.

There are professionals, ready to offer services for computer selection of coatings for the car. Even more intriguing proposal — the so-called biometric research, and simply put, the definition of human abilities in drawing fingers.

Two of those wishing to start their own business has not yet decided what they want to do.

Once the business plan and execution of documents in tax inspection, people will receive financial assistance to start their own business of $ 58 thousand 800 roubles. Another 800 rubles, the state will reimburse upon registration of entrepreneurial activity (the fee).

Business plans at the beginning of trading activity to consideration are not accepted.