Middle East: don't dig a hole to another…Daily life constantly reaffirms the relevance of folk Proverbs, which do not lose their sharpness over the centuries, and only teach wisdom and shame stupidity. For example, this: “everything flows, everything changes”. Worldwide it has long been known that midwife a terrorist organization “al Qaeda” is the United States that are running their own agent of Osama bin Laden joined the rabble of terrorists, thugs and scum to fight against Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

As you know, in this country Limited contingent of Soviet forces already at that time fought against the emergence of terrorism as an international phenomenon, not letting it spread to neighbouring countries. But that’s when Washington put its terrorist allies “Stingers” to fight against the USSR and CIA agents in a specific fee paid to the bandits brought the heads of the killed Soviet soldiers and officers. The middle ages, You might say, but no, it was the reality of the 80-ies. “Free” the American press excitedly told me about these “exploits” bandits, and American political figures were photographed together with members of the “al Qaeda” on the background of killed Soviet soldiers.

But known and the other saying “don’t dig a hole to another – in it will get”. And then came the sad day 9112001 when a paid CIA agent Osama bin Laden and his organization «al-Qaeda” staged in the heart of new York city terrorist attack on the patterns, made in the same CIA. But the then President J. Bush rushed to start investigation of the reasons for such a shameful failure of intelligence, and immediately organized for many living in the U.S. relatives of Osama bin Laden the plane, which the eyeballs was loaded withdrawn from banks in cash dollars.

Then he was gripping Thriller titled “Catch Osama” that lasted about 10 years. Finally, a CIA agent, head of «al-Qaeda”, lived quietly in a Villa in the town of Abbottabad, 50 km away from Pakistani capital Islamabad, was killed by members of the SEAL unit of the U.S. Navy. However, soon some reason was shot down U.S. helicopter, where the majority of the Navy seals involved in the operation to murder a former CIA agent. Tactics known from the 30-ies of the last century, the Chicago mafia “kill killer killers”.

But it took some time, and in the political circles of the United States has become a popular adage “the enemy of my Enemy – my friend”. In Washington hard talking about restoring old ties with the terrorist organization “al Qaeda” with the successes of other terrorist organization “Islamic state». In current American administration decided that ISIS is now a major competitor with the U.S. for influence in the middle East. Amid bitter experience in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Arab States where Washington wanted to bring “democratic order”, the Pentagon did not take the risk to send back their land. For example, just received a message from Yemen urgently indicated, or rather fled, more than a hundred special forces. According to U.S. media reports, the decision that the special forces must leave the territory of Yemen was adopted “in connection with sharp deterioration of the security situation in this country”. On the eve of the attack in the capital Sanaa has killed 137 people, 357 were injured. «more Likely, it was the work of “al Qaeda”, this is their style. The explosion occurred on Friday in crowded mosques of Sana’a, who usually visit the supporters of the Houthis” – believes Yemeni journalist and activist Fuad Musaad. In addition, according to one of the leaders Nasiriyah party of Yemen Abdullah al-Matari, supporters «al-Qaeda” shortly before it was threatened by the Houthis.

But then the question arises, and who will fight against the militants? And here’s the idea: to incite IG organization «al-Qaeda”, especially because in the last still in bulk CIA agents. And here was an American “free and democratic” of the press, which immediately began to carry out good money for a social order of Washington. “This, of course, paradoxically, ” writes of Barack Mendelson in a respectable publication “Foreign Affairs”, ” but at the moment when the United States closer than ever to defeat the “al Qaeda”, it is in their interests it would be better to save this terrorist organization afloat and to allow its leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to stay alive”. Well said, straight in the eye and not the nail. Washington restores the old ties with terrorists, against whom he recently called on the whole world. But native American shirt closer to the body of Nobel laureate peace and he makes another political somersault. Apparently, it will take some time and Ayman al-Zawahiri will be with pomp to meet in Washington, as an active fighter against «Islamic state».

But it’s good to remind politicians of the Washington administration, which still confuse Iraq with Iran and “float” in the definition of the various terrorist organizations now bred by the fault of the USA in the middle East, one truth. After all, IG – is the brainchild that came directly from the bowels of “al Qaeda” and moved where many militants and terrorists, disenchanted with the passivity of their leaders. History «Islamic state” began in 2006, when in Iraq, which at that time was occupied by American troops, joined 11 radical Sunni groups led by OU «al-Qaeda” in Iraq (“Qaeda al-Jihad in Iraq”). Until 2013, this group was called «Islamic state of Iraq” (IGI), and, interestingly, in some episodes cooperated with the American occupation regime. IGI has set a goal to capture the Sunni part of Iraq and turn it into a paramilitary Islamic Sunni state, once from Iraq will leave the international coalition forces led by the United States.

“ISIS is an offshoot of the “al Qaeda” in Iraq, which has grown as a result of our invasion. And this is an example of unintended consequences. So we have to aim before firing”. This recognition reluctantly made by none other than President Barack Obama. However, this recognition came as the result of American aggression, had killed and wounded about 500 thousands of Iraqis, destroyed the entire infrastructure of the country, and the integrity of Iraq as a unified state, questioned.

After the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq in December 2011, IGI, now under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, became actively pursue its activities. The new leader renamed the group, this time in the “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant» (ISIL). It was a signal that the militants has big plans to take control of the historical region of the Mediterranean, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Cyprus. Having conquered a large territory in Syria and Iraq, the terrorists changed the name of its organization in the “Islamic state” and announced the establishment of a Caliphate, where he entered the medieval laws and regulations. Experts on the Middle East, it is assumed that funding for these terrorist organizations have implemented and are implementing a close U.S. allies – the Gulf States, primarily Saudi Arabia and Qatar to support the militants in the fight against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. “I think – bitterly said Bob Graham, the former head of the Senate select Committee on intelligence of the U.S. Congress, – the failure of U.S. intelligence to shed light on the actions of the Saudis, in particular, their involvement in the September 11 attacks (2001), allowed them to do what harms US, for example, to support IG”.

Feeling its relevance from old owners, “al Qaeda” recently stepped up its activities, for which there are numerous examples. For example, “al Qaeda” took responsibility for organizing the terrorist attack in the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January 2015 and for the attack on the kosher store. The American edition of the Wall Street Journal with reference to Gilles de Kerchove, the EU coordinator for the fight against terrorism, wrote that the group «al-Qaeda” can make a big terrorist attack in Europe in order to prove the “Islamic state” and their former owners that she has not lost “leadership in global Jihad”. He noted that two terrorist groups – «al-Qaeda” IG ” now are in fierce competition with each other for leadership, and for the generous funding from their sponsors.

The same political somersault President Obama demonstrated against the Syrian problem, and personally to the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. It seems like only yesterday the Syrian leader for the United States was a bloody dictator, and now in the name of fighting ISIS Washington is ready to negotiate and recognize the current regime in Damascus. The first CIA Director John Brennan, who said that the fall of the Assad regime will only exacerbate the problem and can open radical groups, like the is the way to Damascus, to fill the vacuum. Picked up this thesis Secretary of state John Kerry, who said he was ready to personally lead negotiations with Bashar al-Assad for the end of the civil war. Yes, the same John Kerry, who for a long time kept telling me that Assad must be removed from power, even at the cost of the military operation.

The changed attitude to the terrorist organization “al Qaeda” and to Assad, quite naturally, is the best evidence of complete