meeting hall of administrationNext, the 19th session of the Assembly of the Velikoluksky district was held in the meeting hall of administration. In its work took part the Head of area Sergey Petrov. On the first question, concerning amendments to the district budget for 2014 and planned period of 2015-2016, the floor was given to Deputy head of the district Administration — the chief of Financial management of the Angelica Lasinoh .

She said that the reason for the changes was the inclusion in the composition of sources of financing budget deficit in accordance with article 96 BK the Russian Federation balances on the uniform account of the budget of the district on January 1, 2014.

No less important was the second question about the course of the heating season 2013-2014. A report thereon was made by the Chairman of the Committee on housing and communal services Natalia Filapina .

She reported that the heating season in the area runs in normal mode, all parameters of heat supply are maintained. In the intervening period any accident eliminated within less than a day. Positive dynamics is observed in all utilities that try to make it as transparent as possible by posting the report in the local newspaper and on the website of the district Administration. As a result the number of complaints has decreased more than twice.

At the same time, Natalia Alekseevna informed the members that the financial plan of the housing enterprises are on the brink of bankruptcy too much of a difference between the cost of resources and paying for them. The only chance for survival is early transfer of boiler houses to gas. And, of course, raised the question of additional funding from the district budget. What the Chairman of the district Assembly Yuri Tohow said: “I’m not the first convening am a member of, and every year when discussing housing hear the same thing: give more money. I agree, the situation is difficult, but I would also like to hear what measures are being taken to find their own internal resources to increase the revenue base”. More specifics and demanded the Head of area Sergey Petrov . what are the reserves of coal in the boiler, what is the debt for thermal resources, what are the prospects for settlement of debts, the return on invested assets? On the proposal of the Head of the district, expressed in the standing Committee on budget, taxes and duties, deputies added to the draft decision on the report with the following paragraph: to recommend to the heads of the enterprises of housing and communal services of area by 1 March 2014 to prepare business plans for financial recovery of enterprises, optimization of costs and extrabudgetary funds.

On the third question, regarding the change in sectoral systems of payment of workers of budgetary sphere MO “Velikoluksky district” the floor was given to Deputy head of the district Administration on social policy Yuri Muravyov . On the fourth question is on the amendments to the regulations of the Council Velikoluksky district — was made by the Chairman of the permanent Commission rulemaking on subjects of conducting local government and social policy Stanislav Lukashov .

At the end of the session the floor was given to the Head of area Sergey Petrov . Sergey has shared with deputies and all present their vision of the problems faced in the short term management of the municipality, and possible ways of their solution. First, he noted the need for a more careful study of the issues of the session. Every MP, every employee of the Administration, every Manager should be proactive in finding ways to fill the district budget. According to the Head of the district, some of the possible measures could be of interest to organisations working in the district, registered at the district territory; develop specific plans for recovery utilities “from the inside”; together with the farm managers to consider how to reanimate agriculture to reclaim this plan Velikoluksky district to its former glory. In General, concluded Sergey Aleksandrovich . it is open to any constructive suggestions. This session concluded its work.