Business plansA business plan is an important document that describes the company and discusses the main aspects of the planned future of the enterprise, its products or services. The business plan contains a description of the results of the market analysis, production planning and marketing plan. Obligatory section of the business plan is a financial planning company. A business plan requires You not only to develop a strategy for the development of Your business, but also in order to calculate the economic efficiency of the investment project and obtain a Bank loan.

In some cases your own business plan:

If You decide to organize your business in Germany

If You want to get a residence permit in Germany

If You want to develop a strategy for the business project

If You want to get a loan If You want to attract investors

If You decide to sell your business

If You want to buy a business in Germany

If You want to reduce the risk of bankruptcy

If You are trying to develop solutions to potential problems

If You are thinking o buying new equipment

And also if You are unemployed, decided to start his own business and wish to apply for help in the Federal employment Agency (Arbeitsamt), Antrag auf bridging money (überbrückungsgeld) or Existenzgründungszuschuss.

What is included in the business plan:

Executive summary (summary)

Company description

Description of products/services

Marketing research, market analysis

The production plan

Marketing plan

Financial plan

The business plan must be written and substantiated so that he was clear of a credit institution or a private investor for which it is intended. German banks do not adopt a business plan without Cash Flow model.