appreciate the Moscow expertIn the framework of the IV International cultural forum business plans Ulyanovsk businessmen will appreciate the Moscow expert

The creative workshop of start-UPS will be held in the Creative space “Quarter” (Lenin str., 78) 9-10 September. The event will be attended by the investor in international business projects, the organizer of a private school entrepreneurs, specialist in business planning Igor Hluttaw.

According to the Minister of arts and cultural policy of the Ulyanovsk region Tatiana Ivshina, in the framework of the seminar entrepreneurs in the creative industries, as well as those who are just thinking about creating their own business in the creative sector, will be able to communicate with investors. The experts will listen to the ideas of startups and give recommendations for further development. In particular, Igor Hluttaw will assess the profitability of each business plan.

“At the seminar I would like to see those people who have already started to work on ideas that already have an understanding of what problems can arise for entrepreneurs in creative industries. However, I believe that creative startups can be successful both in the centre of the country and in the periphery. It all depends on the approach to them,” commented Igor Hluttaw.

The workshop, several projects selected by experts will be presented to the major investors within the presentation of investment potential of the Ulyanovsk region. It will take place on 11 September in the Lenin memorial.

“The seminar program is divided into two parts: General and individual. On the first day, September 9, experts-investors will hold a lecture-a conversation with all participants. September 10, there will be individual consultations. On this day the participants will communicate with experts specifically on their projects,” said one of the organizers of the event, head of Creative business space “Quarter” Pavel Andreev. .

Participation in the workshop is paid. When this specific value is not set. Payment will be made by the “free donation”: each participant at the conclusion of the seminar will pay the amount that is deemed necessary.