About school farmerThe number of rural residents of our Republic, have passed through the farm school organized by the Institute of qualification improvement and retraining of agro-industrial complex of the Yakutsk state agricultural Academy, today hundreds. However, it only all started with the training of farmers, is now among those who provide practical assistance, the scientists of the Academy and engaged consultants – accountants, horse breeders, teachers AGROSOL, managers, milkers, tractor and even the unemployed.

Since the Foundation of the Institute of the twelve years it is headed by doctor of veterinary Sciences, Professor of the physiology of farm animals, academician of the International Academy of agrarian education Alexander Pavlov.

When the wave of privatization replaced the farms came to the private sector, it appears that some new farmers do not have enough expertise. Yakutsk state agricultural Academy raised the question about necessity of creation of the regional Institute of advanced training and retraining APC. It was opened on 1 February 2001, by the decision of the academic Council, with the support of the leadership of the Republic and the Ministry of agriculture of the RS(I) at the faculty of advanced training YSAA.

Energetic, smiling, having outstanding organizational skills, able to make contact with any person, Alexandra I. was very well suited for the post of Director of the Institute. In the agricultural University she works since 1974, worked her way from assistant to academician, at the time of appointment and for the year 2013 was the Vice-rector for research work. Under her leadership, protected 15 PhD theses, and now she has five graduate students and four of the applicant. She has published more than 120 scientific and educational works.

— At the stage of formation of the Institute I went to gain experience in Tatarstan, Institute of retraining of agribusiness, says Alexander Pavlov. — I liked that there were economic educational program for agronomists and breeders. Us agribusiness was far away, but we helped prepare business plans for people who wanted something in the village to organize. Worked on a voluntary basis, has won the tenders.

For example, our services have been requested by the Department of local government, the presidential Administration and the government of the Republic of Sakha(Yakutia). Of heads of rural settlements, we were taught to develop the concept of territorial development. Explained that it should cover not only government organizations, but every horse and cow. Program for municipalities was compiled individually.

At School farmer taught the leaders of different small farms. Among them were people without special education and worked in various branches of agriculture, we have held training.

Guide YSAA has created all the conditions for learning, highlighting our Institute 25 places in the sanatorium-preventorium “Keskil”: accommodation, meals, preventive health services for students at the expense of the customer.

Standard courses are designed for 72 hours. During this time, students have time to get the information a little break from production, to reinforce health vitamin teas to consult doctors and, most importantly, to share experience and become a unified team. After they call each meet, they have a wonderful idea.

— What areas have shown the most interest?

— Farmer movement of the most active Churapchinsky. Among the 32 students of the first school 18 churapchintsev. Now they are the most successful, some are honored with the title of Russian farmers or Yakutia and are the backbone of the Association of peasant (farmer) farms and cooperatives of Sakha(Yakutia).

When we first opened, the mood of the people was different, we supported them, gave them to understand that they are not alone. Now the people in encampments active, he asks for certain courses.

Making six editions of older farmers, we moved on to the youth. It’s a family business, even children, long ago living in the city, I go to my parents, help them, some people are drawn, become leaders. Especially now provides a lot of Republican and Russian subsidies for those wishing to continue the business, to expand the farm. Part-time school for young farmers under the program “bases of the organization of small farms in agriculture” in the framework of the priority national project “Development of agroindustrial complex” designed for 500 hours. They will take tests and exams and get certificates.

For the implementation of target programs “Development of family livestock farms on the basis of farms 2012-2016″ and “Support for young farmers” courses and consulting activities in the field. Our Institute implements its activities agricultural policy of Russia and Yakutia in life, it division, developing it and bringing it to people.

— Staff of seven people, how you guys do it?

— Are engaged in educational process all the professors of our Academy, Yakut research Institute of agriculture, faculty consultants and production staff, fluent in their profession, including from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok. In total, the work of the Institute is annually attended by about two hundred people.

For scientists there is mutual interest, we encourage complete scientific works were introduced into production. For example, doctor of agricultural Sciences, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Sakha(Yakutia) Pauline Okhlopkova brought new varieties of potatoes. Courses explained than good in this or that variety which will suit the specific soil of the farm.

— It is known that in 2008 the decision of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia to support and implementation of agricultural policy of Yakutia on your Institute holds regional training centre far Eastern Federal district. It somehow affected his work?

— Increased the prestige and responsibility. The center develops and conducts training workshops based on interactive methods, business games, discussions and surveys on the applications of cooperatives. In the range of its activities includes the certification of specialists, training of existing businesses, assisting in the development of innovations. Professional development of faculty members under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian educational institutions of the far Eastern Federal district is also part of our work.

— What else has been done over the years?

— One of the major meetings of the far Eastern region decided to expand herd horse breeding. The people began to buy horses, and how to maintain them, what to feed, you know slightly that provoked the case. We opened a School for young breeder, invited to cooperation of well-known in the Republic of specialists who have developed technology copyrights, for example, the head of the farm “Tanoor” Oymyakon region, honorary farmer of Russia, laureate of State prize of Nikolai Vinokurov, agricultural cooperative breeder. Strada Amginsky district, holder of two orders “Badge of Honor” says Semenov. Reviews of past courses excellent.

We make full use of industrial, scientific, laboratory facilities of the Academy. Practical training in horse breeding hold on a pilot site training farms “Serge” on the Viluy tract, which contains more than two hundred horses. For reindeer herders a little further there is an experimental reserve “Tabsylyn”. Demonstration area for the processing of products – agricultural production cooperative “Churapcha”. Summer in the garden complex are classes on landscape design.

To assist agricultural producers in making scientifically based effective solutions in the field of agriculture formed a small innovative enterprise “Agricon”. In this area three consulting office in Khangalassky, Verkhnevilyuisk and Ust-Aldan ulus.

Work creatively when you have a problem, draw up a training programme and leave the place. Now the consultants of the Institute are in the Olekminsk district eating education for milkmaids technology of machine milking, feeding and housing of cows.

The list of courses is constantly expanding: practical skills on the computer program “1C: Accounting 8.1″, organization of MTS management, maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment, labor protection, product processing, procurement: electronic auction, the organization and functioning of agricultural credit consumer cooperatives, etc.

From March 25 to April 4, we collect teachers and principals agroproviding schools in the program “Implementation of innovative technologies”.

One day I was approached by women from Megino Kangalassky district: “Men have no work, let’s find them a lesson”. Our consultants told and showed how to make a basement, so the potatoes in it from freezing, how to build a furnace, how to feed cattle. Strong half of humanity is now in business.

Helping the women’s movement in the country, have proposed a program of “host”. It’s not just a mini-hotel in the peasant economy, but always with a twist, its brand. Experience of preparation of national dishes with the women shared their famous cook innocent Torbakov. Chet jatiluwih taught playing the khomus, organizing rehearsals. Now the house is in such Khangalassky, Megino-Kangalassky, Tatta areas. This is a small but nevertheless income-based farms.

— How people find out about your courses, certainly not only through “tormoznogo radio”?

— There is a schedule of courses, compiled for the year, it is always available. Since 2009, the quarterly magazine “Rural consultant Yakutia”, distributed by the farmers. Through the Association of farms, which it co-founded, the publication gets into 35 districts.

— What plans for the future?

— YSAA Federal University, we have received